Event agency in heart and soul.

Why settle for yet another predictable event for your company? One of those yes-can’t-go-around-it-just-talk-about-scoring-a-bite-and-go-home-again events? A thoughtful event can make your organisation’s heart beat louder. Be a leverage to a us-against-the-world feeling that fires up your teams. Or deliver a dazzling experience that leaves your customers or visitors with unforgettable memories.

Sylvester is not your average event agency for your staff party or corporate event. We grew up in a world full of film and television. And that produces unique and original ideas.

This event agency can DO it FOR YOU.

We bring a mix of interactive concepts, show, audiovisuals and unique decors. If that’s what you want. Because we can also set up an ‘ordinary’ informative congress or a sparkling New Year’s event for you. Made-to-measure.

By the way, we do not care whether it is a physical event, a digital event or a hybrid event. Since the nimble switch from physical to digital that we made with corona, no form of event holds any secrets for us. On the contrary, we even created our own virtual event platform, under the name MEEPLE.

Events that linger – staged entirely according to your taste? Absolutely! We won’t do it for less.



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