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A bit more information about us. Sylvester is Flanders’ longest-established production house, but that doesn’t mean we already need a walker right now. It was founded by Erik Hendriks and Geert Vanoverschelde, at a Sylvester drink somewhere in the country, in the unforgettable year 1993.

The drinks were particularly tasty then, so the story goes.

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Fast Forward: about us

Today, we have hundreds of programmes and events on the counter. Realised by fantastic teams who somehow miraculously always manage to turn the idea you have in your head into reality. Even if it’s fiction.

The base: offices that are a vortex in which gusto, beauty, respect, ambition and daring tumble over each other – with a good set of “cojones” thrown in from time to time.

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Sometimes the things we do just make us childishly happy. Take the entry of Saint Nicholas for example. Making thousands of children fantasise about footsteps on the roof: is there anything more fun? Making films. Creating television programmes that touch ten strings at once. Setting up events, bringing people and companies closer together and making them grow.

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It is a pleasure every day to make great things happen. To organise the most complex projects in such a way that it seems like no effort at all. To shatter the walls between television, video and events with the creative sledgehammer. And thereby achieve results that make mouths drop and create pure magic.

There are trendy terms for this, such as cross-medial and multi-platform and live-communication.  But our cases say more than 1.000 buzzwords.

But Never Stop.

Creating, inventing, organising, delegating, developing, designing. We were born for it. It’s the accelerator of our existence and we still have a firm grip on the steering wheel after 25 years.

Every little aspect of your assignment is taken in hand by our people. From idea to concept. From logistics to production. And we are proud of that. Because we are control freaks? Yes, we are. But then the result is accordingly.

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