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Sylvester is the longest-standing Belgian production company. However, don’t be fooled. We’re still happy to turn all industry conventions inside out. Be it online, on the streets, on screen or in cinemas. For thousands of viewers—or for just ten of your guests.

We’re in love with TV, videos, and events sparkling with little fireworks. After all, it’s the dazzling details that make for the best spectacles. So, everything we do, we do with an eye for the smallest details—even our biggest projects.

Our creative colleagues in our offices—young, hungry wolves as well as old hands with an appetite— prove it every day. Even Sinterklaas’s horse pulls its weight for you. Isn’t that something!

Everybody can tell a story. But telling them so that they become unforgettable, that’s our job. 

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09 feb 2022
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