Band op weide VDAB Boechout

Vibe Festival.

May 25th , 3.600 VDAB employees gathered at the Sfinks festival site in Boechout for a unique staff party: the VIBE Festival. Under the motto “VDAB’ers In Beweging (VDAB staff in motion)” – VIBE for short – people were vibing in a merry way, with musical acts, surprising animations and fun attractions.

On the VIBE Free Stage, VDAB employees were able to surprise their colleagues with their artistic talents. The Vibe Main Stage was packed with well-known musical stars: Gene Thomas, Soulbrothers, Belle Perez, Jean Bosco Safari and Motown Supremacy provided summer festival vibes. And those more in the mood for cool beats could indulge themselves at the DJ-Caravan.

Those VDAB staff who were more in the mood for action could enjoy themselves on the bumper cars or on The Beast, a beastly jumping castle with an obstacle course.

All that singing, dancing, bumping and jumping will of course make you hungry and thirsty… And of course our vibers could enjoy the better festival food.

Meanwhile, a festive brass band livened up the festival meadow with old-school musical vibes, and actors provided a comic vibe with humorous acts.

After the VIBE festival ended, shuttle buses left for all corners of Flanders to bring everyone back home safely. Useful for those who had a little bit much to drink, or for those who just don’t like driving.

In short: a nice and festive day to meet colleagues again after two years of zoom meetings. On this vibe the VDAB staff can smoothly surf on for another year.

Weide van het event Boechout


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