Samana TV

Samana TV.

Samana TV: for and by carers

Since October 2021, Sylvester’s TV and video team has been ensuring that you can enjoy an episode of Samana TV on Eclipse TV every first Sunday of the month.

Every month there is a new theme, so in October we kicked off with “In what do people find happiness” and in November we talked about “Being carried in times of worry”.

Samana tv is a very nice example of how Sylvester, in addition to big and prestigious TV series such as “Dag Sinterklaas” on Ketnet or “Weg van het meesterwerk” on Canvas, can also work with a more modest budget to make beautiful and heartwarming television with an added value.

For these shootings, we could count on the professional presentation skills of Karolien Debecker, known for her presentation work on één and ketnet but also on Radio 1 and Radio 2. This is what Karolien says about Samana tv:

“Making a talk show is fascinating anyway, but a talk show about home care and care in the broad sense, I feel very connected to that. When I was seriously ill as a teenager and in my twenties, my mother was my carer. You never forget that dedication and unconditional love. I will present Samana tv with all of my heart.”

As the location for part of the filming, we used our own Studio Sylvester, a time- and budget-efficient choice. Karolien received her guests in the cinematic setting of restaurant Canapé, the restaurant of television chef Jeroen De Pauw, which we converted into a pop-up television studio with live audience for the occasion.

After the episodes were shown on TV, you can re-watch them as often as you like on the Samana website or on Youtube.

Curious? We like to make it easy for you! Take a look at the first episodes here. And completely 

free of charge! So don’t hesitate:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

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Talk program, Television Production
Eclips TV
Season 1 – 2021
Season 2 – 2022