Niveau S.

At Niveau S (Level S), a two-day event in Square Brussels, innovators, disruptors, professionals, job seekers and investors joined forces for the first time for a secure society. The S in the name therefore stands for SecuritySafety and Society. Together towards a safer life. VIAS, a Belgian knowledge centre that aims to improve road safety, mobility and social safety, commissioned Sylvester to organise the event from A to Z.

Niveau S consisted of three pillars: a congress, a job fair and an innovation fair. Each with its own character, but in a uniform style with lots of greenery and wood structures. In this way, we managed to create an open and relaxed atmosphere at an event with such a heavy theme as ‘safety’.

At the job fair, we opted for open stands so that all partners could address the public in their own way. In addition, we maximised interaction with the visitors with various experience stands. Among other things, they could participate in a speed date to get in touch with decision-makers from different industries. 

Several renowned national and international speakers passed by during the conference. Visitors could also take part in interactive workshops there. Finally, everyone was invited to submit innovative ideas. A jury then chose five finalists who were allowed to pitch at the innovation fair and compete for victory.


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