Foto crew Diamond Awards

Diamond awards.

On April 22nd 2021, FTA Europe held the third edition of the Diamond Awards. Winners of national awards for flexo printing across the continent competed at European level for a prestigious Diamond Award. In total, no fewer than 15 awards were presented!

A lot of awards and thus a greater risk of repeating ourselves often. So we decided to spice things up and give it a fantastic ‘roaring 20s’ theme. A success, as it turned out, because the many participants and viewers at home joined in as well and were delightfully styled in stylish tuxedos, glittering dresses, luscious hairbands and endless strands of pearls. The mood was right on!

Not only did the online viewers shine, the setting was one to be proud of. “De Serre” in Antwerp lent itself perfectly to a festive Great Gatsby décor and host Anne De Baetzelier presented a great show. Quiet moments during the show were provided by strong music duo Dunja and Anne and FTA co-host Wim took part in an entertaining cocktail workshop.

International awards shows? We can do it!


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