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Crafting your future event – think hybrid.

We rarely organise our own events, but in recent months we noticed that we were getting more and more questions from the business sector about the future and the organisation of events in ‘the New Normal’. Urgently needed, therefore, to bring clarity and we did so – in cooperation with Easyfairs and PFL – at a hybrid event of our own.

For both a physical and an online audience which required some creativity, because we wanted to give both target groups a fantastic experience. The interviews were steered in the right direction by hosts Eva Kamanda and Otto-Jan Ham while singer Silke Mastbooms and pianist Sven Van den Wyngaert provided fantastic musical intermezzos and some of the biggest experts from the Belgian event world gave their opinion about the (near) future of the sector.Technically, it was a feat and – in our opinion – a textbook example of what a finished hybrid event can look like. It made use of PFL’s multi-hub, effortlessly connecting several sets from 


Sylvester, Easyfairs, PFL