50 years IDEWE.

This year IDEWE was allowed to blow out fifty candles, and that had to be celebrated appropriately. For Sylvester, this was the signal to pull out all the stops: this golden jubilee had to be one for the company’s history books.

To thank the staff and customers of IDEWE, two events were organised.

First, the Brabanthal in Leuven was transformed into a green oasis – completely in line with IDEWE’s core values and Pinterest-worthy, as evidenced by the frequently photographed fairytale decor. After a reception, the 1,200 present staff members were seated for a three-course meal. The dinner ended with a brilliant light show and a Cirque du Soleil-like dance spectacle featuring international artists. The guests then started dancing into the night to the beats of Cookies & Cream.

A few days later, the Brabanthal was once again packed: this time the customers of IDEWE were honoured. The 600 guests were invited to a plenary session in the form of an interactive TV show, covering IDEWE’s past, present and future. The whole thing was professionally hosted by Evy Gruyaert. After the show, attendees were invited to a walking dinner. Four experience corners were also set up in the auditorium to get to know IDEWE’s core activities in an accessible way. Furthermore, customers could once again enjoy a wonderful dance show. The evening ended with a DJ set by Buscemi.

Sylvester always pays attention to the smallest details, but as it should be at an IDEWE event, extra attention was paid to safety and healthy food in a playful way. The numerous positive reactions ensure that the Sylvester team can look back on both events with pride – the result of months of meticulous preparation.


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