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25 Years of VIB.

Where is that party? Where is that party? 🙂 At Tour & Taxis! And why is that party?

Because the Flemish Institute of Biotechnology (VIB) has earned a big cake with 25 candles on it. And they chose Sylvester to organise an anniversary celebration around it.

Splendid! And when was that celebration? On October 13th 2021.

So you’re too late to attend, and that’s a shame because it was fantastic.

Host Francesca van Thielen, together with her co-host Eva Kamanda, did the honours in a fascinating, up-tempo and varied talk show format created by our in-house editorial team, packed with great videos from our own video cell, and great guests from our own … Flemish politics, such as Flemish Minister of Agriculture Hilde Crevits.

Of course we looked back at the past 25 years of VIB, but we also looked forward to the future, e.g. the announcement of the renewal of the management agreement for the next 5 years.

There were also some surprising performances on various stages, including live musicians Sven Vandenwijngaert on piano and Nona Dekeyzer (vocals). As a festive finale, there was another exclusive and unforgettable mini-concert by Scala, the world-famous “angel” choir from Aarschot.

The debrief showed that the 1,000 or so visitors were unanimously full of praise for the choice to organise this celebration in a talk show format.

Are you inspired for your own anniversary or staff event?

Then be sure to contact us and we will be happy to brainstorm with you on what it could look like. And that way, your party will surely be as fantastic as VIB’s!


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