“The good old ‘live’ events are back with a vengeance.”

We have reached that point! Since yesterday, we can organise physical events again. In other words, the good old ‘live’ events. Up to 200 people indoor and 400 people outdoor are allowed without measures. Above these numbers, the Covid Safe Ticket offers a waterproof solution to allow these events to take place ‘as before’. In Brussels, for the time being: mouth masks and the one-half meter distance rule for events below 200 indoor and 400 outdoor.

From October 1st, the thresholds will be raised to 500 and 750 respectively. And after that, hopefully, soon with no thresholds at all. You see: the road is completely open for your company or organisation to organise live events again, in complete safety.


However, we can imagine that you still have questions. Don’t worry: as an events agency, we know perfectly how to take away any concerns you might have. Both with regard to the protocols and administration to be followed, the authorities to be informed, the organisation of the control with a Covid Safe Ticket (including other forms of testing), the information to be provided to your participants or staff, and so on. We take on that responsibility and work with professional safety coordinators to do so.

But maybe your objectives and target audiences to be reached show that a physical event is not even the appropriate event format. Maybe a fully online event or a hybrid event (part physical, part online) is the right solution? A year of digital events has shown that these can also be extremely effective, as well as cheaper and more sustainable.


Since the spring of 2020, Sylvester has emerged as an absolute frontrunner in the field of online, virtual and hybrid events, from A to Z. Should this be the right answer to your event question, you are in the best and safest hands with us for this too. You see, there is no reason to wait any longer. Contact us with your briefing or your question at info@sylvester.be.

Photo: Pexels