“Let’s get physical”

The corona barometer was – finally! – launched and is clearly having a big impact on the event industry. Because hurrah hurrah, thanks to colour coding, it will be easier and clearer to switch gears.  As soon as the current peak ends, we move to code orange and possibly even yellow. In short: many things can happen again, even a lot, and all of it in a safe framework. So time to sit around the table about your next conference, product launch, party, staff or networking event!

We won’t tell you all over again that we are more flexible than the average contortionist. You know that by now, after two years of pandemics. Whether physical, digital or hybrid, we have firmly mastered all event types as professionals. Remote guests, live speakers, small groups of guests in the room, large groups at home, etc. We always came up with a creative, tailor-made concept and took the applicable measures into account. We still intend to do that, by the way, let us make that clear .

But hurrah hurrah – again! – we find that dynamic physical indoor events will very soon become possible again, even for a large crowd of invitees. No doubt you still had that one event that was put away multiple times due to circumstances. But today is the day! The moment to get it out of the drawer again and kick off the preparation phase. Because there are still some things to keep in mind. The ventilation capacity of the chosen venue, for instance, is one of them. Let’s just know a thing or two about such matters. So… Let’s talk! About your wildest plans. Your craziest ideas. And about the event of your dreams. Let’s get physical again.