The Tall Ships Races Antwerp.

The Tall Ships Races are a renowned international sailing competition organised by Sail Training International. It focuses on the majestic ships, also called the cathedrals of the sea, moored and crewed by 4.000 youngsters and 400 officers of 30 different nationalities. On the promenade, from Steenplein to Rijnkaai, the ships can be enjoyed for four days. To conclude the event, the world’s most beautiful and largest sailing ships start at the Scheldt Quays and around ‘t Eilandje with an impressive sail out – a race to the south. In addition, this event is a three-day celebration with parades and concerts, numerous permanent and mobile entertainment and an extensive and original range of public catering. In short: a celebration of shipping and Antwerp as a city on the river. Organising an event of such magnitude is a daring task, which requires bringing together the most diverse expertise. With the help of our extensive team and our years of experience, we managed to get the two most recent editions fully up and running. The last edition even received an outstanding satisfaction score from participants and audience.


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