Siemens DI reconnect – It’s been a long time.

“Stay at your own place” they said at first. And then the magic word was “teleworking”. All well and good, but at Siemens Digital Industries they started to miss each other quite a bit… And so as soon as they could and were allowed again, they called on Sylvester to organise a great reconnect event.

Location of this nice reconnection party? Domein Puyenbroeck in Wachtebeke. The location of “Music for Life” a few years ago? Yup, that’s it!

The aim of the event was as simple as it was heart-warming: getting together again with 300 people, finally looking each other in the eye, team building, having fun, good food and … dancing!

The guests were unanimously enthusiastic about this wonderful event, which was put together with great care by our top people from the event team. It started with scouting the perfect location, and once the location was found, a fun and creative preliminary process followed that got everyone excited for the big day.

Friday October 15th was the day: it was a beautiful late summer’s day and everything was perfect: the participants were divided into teams and were offerred a number of fun challenges and games, a series of food trucks provided tasty snacks and in the evening cover band Soulbrothers, followed by the silent disco, ensured swinging colleagues and an absolute top atmosphere.

Reconnecting has never been better!


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