Saint Nicholas at cronos 2018.

Every year, Cronos organises a big Saint Nicholas party to which all employees and their families are invited. This magical two-day event attracts 2.500 visitors per day. The theme for this year, Saint Nicholas in the clouds, was developed using two different rooms. Because Saint Nicholas is mainly active at night – high up on the rooftops, among the clouds, the stars and the moon – the first hall was entirely dedicated to the night. Among other things, children could enjoy a blacklight minigolf and a dark maze in which they had to find their way between the rooftops with a torch. In addition, they could take a look in black Pete’s bedroom. The ‘in the clouds’ theme was fully developed in the second room. Real daredevils could experience free-falling on an airbag, a carousel and a height course between the houses – all in a beautiful setting with a big parachute as eye-catcher. Furthermore, children could have a blast on a spectacular mega-slide. The little ones could then win their hearts in an exciting plane race.


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