Sinterklaas piet brieven

Hello Saint Nicholas (dag sinterklaas).

In this brand-new fiction series, children get a unique insight into the universe of Saint Nicholas and all of his friends. Each episode starts with a letter from a child asking a question: “How do I put my shoe in place?”, “Why does Saint Nicholas arrive by steamboat?” or “What is Saint Nicholas’ favourite food?”. Throughout the episode, the answer becomes clear, using everyday yet funny situations from the lives of Saint Nicholas, Black Pete and their entourage.

The series was directed by Stijn Coninx and Frank Van Passel based on a scenario by Hugo Matthysen and premiered on Ketnet on November 16th 2019. Hello Saint Nicholas (Dag Sinterklaas) is a collaboration between Ketnet and Sylvester and was made possible with the support of VAF/MEDIAFONDS, the city of Antwerp, the Antwerp Film Bonus and the Belgian Federal Government’s Tax Shelter measure through Cronos Invest. Saint Nicolas wishes to thank these people for the pleasant cooperation: Evelien Bosmans, Warre Borgmans, Els Dottermans, Bart Hollanders, Pieter Embrechts, Wim Opbrouck, Nico Sturm, Adriaan Van Den Hoof and Jonas van Thielen.


Television Production
15 minuten
20 afleveringen