Ay ramon.

While Saint Nicholas sails from Spain to Antwerp by steamboat as always, faithful caretaker Ramon Iglesias travels overland with his horse to spare the animal from seasickness. But they are captured en route by Tikkelotje, who wants to use Ramon’s musical talent in a new act to revive her unsuccessful little theatre.Professor Van den Uytleg and Conchita use their carrier pigeons and Black Pete also jumps in to find Ramon and the horse. However, the search does not go smoothly and one by one they are ambushed and locked up by the determined Tikkelotje. There is nothing left for Saint Nicholas but to go on the road on his own. Will he succeed in finding and freeing his friends? This first feature film about Saint Nicholas – directed by Stijn Coninx, based on a screenplay by Hugo Matthysen – is brought to life by a top cast including Jan Decleir, Frans Van Der Aa, Pieter Embrechts, Els Dottermans, Lucas Van den Eynde, Adriaan Van den Hoof, Evelien Bosmans, Matteo Simoni, Tom Van Dyck and Warre Borgmans. 


105 minuten