Kinderkopkes (Children’s heads): honest televison without mincing words

6 children aged between 9 and 13 show us how their world turns. Pristine and unpolished. Without guidance from parents or experts. Just, as they are. The way they experience life. A unique look at what occupies the boys and girls.

Kristel Verbeke is the listening ear. She registers, informs open-mindedly and leaves room for the individuality of each child. A boy with a passion for football. A girl with divorced parents. A son who helps on his parents’ farm.

Ordinary children. And just because of that, extraordinary. With both feet firmly on the ground. With strong characters who show that they are not just kids, but genuine, equal interlocutors with a special story.

“After years of working with children, I realise all too well that you can have a real conversation with them,” Kristel says. “They are not just playing rascals. But little people with strong opinions, who have a right to a say.”

Sylvester produces, Eén broadcasts. A programme about life, busy parents, happiness – and sometimes brutal bad luck.