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Sylvester TV Video Events is Belgium’s longest-established production house. But we are far from needing a walker. We have too many hungry young wolves for that. And experienced rookies with appetite. A coronavirus did not and will not get us small either.

Because we are and remain in love with TV, video and events. The type with small fireworks. Because it’s the crackling details that make the nicest spectacle. Whether online, physically or hybrid, on the street or on the meadow, via the small screen or in the cinema. For hundreds of thousands of viewers or ten of your guests. Always boundlessly creative, figuratively and literally, thanks to our virtual event location MEEPLE among others.

Anyone can tell stories. But to tell them in such a way that they become unforgettable, you need to contact us.

Sylvester organiseert evenementen/Sylvester organises events
Sylvester maakt video's/films/Sylvester makes videos and movies
Sylvester maakt tv/Sylvester makes TV

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Let's get physical

“Let’s Get Physical!”

09 FEB 2022

The corona barometer was – finally! – launched and is clearly having a big impact on the event industry. Because hurrah hurrah, thanks to colour coding, it will be easier and clearer to switch gears.  As soon as the current peak ends, we move to code orange and possibly even yellow. In short: many things can happen again, even a lot, and all of it in a safe framework. So time to sit around the table about your next conference, product launch, party, staff or networking event!