Kunstenaar met kunstwerk in plantentuin

Weg met Jongeren.

“Weg met Jongeren (On the Way with Young People)!” was one of the most quirky livestreams we have already set up. The aim was to wake up the heritage and museum sector to respond to the living world, ambitions and interests of young people. A brand new inspiration brochure was presented and extremely interesting presentations were given by experts from the GUM, Kanal and the MAS, among others.

The Ghent University Museum was a grateful and beautiful location to host the livestream. Great images were alternated with fascinating interviews, including critical questions from host Michèle Cuvelier. Additional entertaining and relevant content ensured that the stream progressed at breakneck speed. For instance, slam poet Petit Jean showed his best side, artist Lobster Robin painted a beautiful work around the project and we went outside for an entertaining vox pop.


Toerisme Vlaanderen
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