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Social video marketing: when experience meets the new

Social video marketing is a relatively new concept. But even though we’re the senior in the industry, we have mastered the game like none other. Because, there are countless golden rules of television that also go on to make successful social media videos.

A brilliant scenario, fresh imagery, colourful animations, and stories that make people sit on the edge of their seats coupled with the right message – that’s our trade, even on social media.

We breathe social video marketing

Our young wolves—ok, our not-so-young wolves as well—breathe social media. They make Facebook and Instagram videos that create the right buzz among your target audience, followers, and fans.

Add 25 years of experience in sparkling television production to a passion for new media—and you get a social video strategy that is far ahead of the pack. You can rely on our flexible team that knows what makes your target group tick. And that comes combined with creativity and technical ingenuity – even on a tight budget.

We breathe social video marketing
Social video by Sylvester: what do we do?

Every medium has its demands. We make sure that the picture’s perfect. Whatever social media you want to launch on, we create the maximal effect.

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Witty and to the point

A social video scenario has specific requirements. The videos that get shared the most always have a great story in them. They don’t take up too much of the viewer’s time and have a witty punch. After all, social video producing might look easy, but it isn’t!

Sylvester develops videos that capture your audience’s attention, without losing track of the message you’re trying to convey. Fun for fun brings quick laughs, but in the end, result is the real king. For premium results, we prefer embarking on a longer journey, so that the story can be told to the full and your followers can live it with us.

Witty and to the point
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