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Recruitment video: a stepping stone in HD

If recruitment videos make you think of boring, average videos that fail to convince anyone, then meet Sylvester, and you’ll stand corrected. The power of the video is entirely at your company’s disposal. Our goal: to attract the right candidates who match your company’s culture to the full.

The knowhow we have gained in the television and movie industry is used to perfect your recruitment video. Scenarios that incite and persuasively deliver one of a kind employer branding—that’s precisely where we make a difference.

Recruitment video: but why?

You’re wondering where the value is added in a recruitment video? Well, the time when you could haul in outstanding talents by juggling about bonuses, gross-net pay and meal vouchers is over. Today’s talents choose with their heart. They have to believe in your company’s possibilities. They can only be persuaded by telling an irresistible story.

Storytelling has been trending for some time in the recruitment industry. Videos are the ideal way to clearly stamp your identity. To market your story, to convince your targets that you’re the ideal employer for them. Employer branding with a twist for talents who know what they want.

Recruitment video: but why?
Employer branding video: your trump card in the war for talents

Your recruitment video will be social—or it won’t be at all. With the phenomenal power of Facebook and LinkedIn, the hunt for talents has shifted online. If you don’t want to go down in the online sea of information, you’ll have to stand out.

All you need to win the war is to choose the right team, the proper equipment and a scenario that ticks all the boxes.

HR video, recruitment video, employer branding

Sylvester creates recruitment videos that are easily shareable, adapted to today’s online possibilities and target your specific audience. Recruitment videos with maximal effect, what else?

HR video, recruitment video, employer branding
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