Corporate event.

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Corporate event: we love it when a brand comes together

You tell us your strategy, share everything with us.

You’ll notice that there are plenty of what’s and why’s. It’s essential that your corporate event is more than just a collection of wows. It needs to be an experience that amplifies your company’s message. So, we need to know exactly what you’re aiming for.

Company event, always with a purpose

What’s in it for you? An all-out, maximal experience with all focus on the bulls-eye: to strengthen your company’s marketing, HR or communication strategy. And put your teams, clients or products in the spotlight, of course.

Company event, always with a purpose

How we do it is entirely up to you. Your event’s trajectory is determined to achieve the optimal customer experience. Sylvester plans, coordinates and organizes your:

Client events - Product launches - Jubilees - Personnel or staff events - Training events - Infotainment shows - Management off-site

Full service in corporate events

What you get: a thrilling event that leaves its mark, making people talk about it for years. In other words, a dazzling event mixed with marketing knowhow and creativity.

What you won’t get: a tiring fuss and annoying loose ends. We’re clear on that: our teams take all responsibilities into their own hands, leaving you with nothing to worry about. You talk to us, and we do the rest—continually coordinating with your people.

Full service in corporate events

The all-in service is quite extensive. We take care of:

invitations and guest lists - the registration module - the event website - the recruitment campaign - the event itself - logistics, catering, sound, light - thank-you emails - after movie - social media extensions

In short, all you need for a perfect corporate event.

Organize with Sylvester and experience something memorable that will strengthen your company in every way. Contact us!

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