Sylvester does great things on the small—and big—screen. You know us from shows and movies aired into your living rooms, touching your heart.

We proudly present authentic television with personality. Be it fiction or non-fiction, we have been moving audiences with words, images and stories for the past 25 years. And that’s to be expected. As a veteran among Flemish production companies, we have let our long years of experience shimmer in every frame.

Making beautiful television is what we do best. We give image to imagination, telling what remains untold. In short, television that you would fall in love with.

Television that gets people talking

Sylvester has been a trusted companion for TV-loving folks in Flanders for years. Our creations spice up your everyday interactions. Be it the small chitchat with co-workers beside the coffeemaker or candid conversations with your closest friends. We’re there with you, always.

That’s what we do: zoom in on life, move people and address issues that get people talking.

Television that gets people talking
Television that’s food for thought

You might not realize it but creating for television is a form of acrobatics—a fine exercise in equilibrium. We dance on a bar that we have set surprisingly high for ourselves and balance on it between creative freedom and restriction, emotion and story, revealing and concealing.

We adore balancing. With a strong focus on the story and all those who play a role in it. So, it makes its way right into people’s lives and strikes all the right chords. And the viewer welcomes us back in his or her home when the next episode is due to be aired.

Touching television

When we enter someone’s home, we always make sure to wipe our feet. And our shows are no different. Ok, we want to have an impact. Touch you, move you. Set things in motion and shake things up from time to time. Tune into Gevoel voor Tumor or De Fiscus. And you’ll know what we’re talking about.

But the camera doesn’t lie at any expense. We create with an adamant faith in the power of pure, honest television. And respect—for the viewer, for the client, and for those willing to share their stories—is an important part of that endeavour. Being able to look everyone in the eye before, during and after a creation—that’s the cornerstone of our approach.

Touching television
Television that’s worth its while, always

Television is at the top of its game when it has something to say. And it has to be worthwhile as well. Trust our people, for they know how to do it.

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