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Organizing conferences: innovate with an eye for curiosity

Organizing a conference is quite a task. Evidently, you want to focus on the substance and topics. You want to offer your participants an interesting mix of subjects and speakers who are at the forefront of their respective fields.

At the same time, we at Sylvester focus on other things as well. For instance, we organize your seminar or conference in such a way that the participants get the maximum return. We ensure that the conference concepts fit your goals best, and make sure that your reputation as a host is honoured in every way.

Organizing seminar or conference: from logistics to techniques

To be honest, we’re on the forefront when it comes to innovative conferencing and meeting formats. And that’s a guarantee for a spot-on organization of your seminar, coupled with unique set-ups and formats that grab attention and ensure maximum interaction as well.

Organizing seminar or conference: from logistics to techniques

Our team will take over the complete responsibility of organizing your conference, meeting or seminar, including:

Presentation layout, video layout and line-up - Coordination of stage direction - Coaching of and guidance for speakers - Organization of and coaching via workshops and break-out sessions - Development of inspiring trajectories - Development and management of event websites - Development of networking modules - ...

Conference or seminar organization: a field of its own

To get your message across in an inspirational way, technology is essential. Luckily, that’s one of our fortes.

When we talk about technical support, nothing is overlooked, and everything is included:
Light and sound - Projection and mapping - Capturing - Simultaneous translations - Live streaming - Conferencing apps - Virtual and augmented reality

Conference or seminar organization: a field of its own
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