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Public event: concept, organization, and follow-up

Sylvester doesn’t just move the visitor to your public event; we move the masses. For years, we have been appealing to the imagination of thousands, with public events across Flanders.

You might have been at such an event when we were busy managing the whole do in the background. And our track record speaks for us: The Tall Ships Race in Antwerp, WOI-memorials and the Battle of Passchendaele memorial, De Flemish Harbour Day, the Bollekesfeest, the annual entry to Sinterklaas or Ketnet Freezzz, where thousands of children had the time of their life.

Behind the scenes, our teams were always on top of things, making sure that every little aspect was perfectly organized, from logistics to conceptual stories.

Mass event organization: no job for sensitive minds

When organizing a public event, you need to take into account countless variables. It has to be fascinating and convivial, and that’s why we come up with wholesome entertainment, with shows, theatre, visuals, and effects.

Then, there’s the logistical part of a mass event: an extraordinary challenge indeed. That’s where our extensive network of volunteers and freelancers comes into play.

Mass event organization: no job for sensitive minds
Safety: essential for your public event

Safety is the cornerstone of the organization of your public or mass event. Apart from our knowhow for developing surprisingly creative programs, we also have the knowledge to ensure easy and safe attendance for everyone.

Our crowd control, safety, and mobility solutions comprise the final part of our all-in service package for hosting public events. Because the core point is: your public event should be so well organized that everyone thinks it was no effort at all.

Many feet, large ecological footprint?

Your mass event has to impress your visitors. But with so many people, you take on the risk of a massive ecological footprint. Through the years, durability has become more and more important. And with good reason too.

That’s why we integrate solutions that minimize the impact on the surroundings and the environment as well. That’s no magic. We continually search to implement the best practices that are fit for your specific event, striving for the highest possible level of sustainability.

Many feet, large ecological footprint?
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