Why settle for a predictable, run-of-the-mill event for your company? Why go for yet another we-can’t-avoid-it-so-just-a-quick-chat-free-drinks-and-then-on-our-way experience?

What a missed opportunity! An original event can be a rush of blood to the head for your company, boosting your teams with a feeling of us-against-the-world, and giving an experience that your clients or visitors won’t forget too soon.

Sylvester isn’t your average event agency for traditional personnel or staff events. We grew up in a world of movies and television. So, we bring unique traits and original ideas to your personnel events.

We offer a marvellous mix of interactive concepts, shows, audio-visuals and one-of-a-kind decors. What you wish, you get: We’ll just as easily organize an informative seminar as a sparkling New Year event.

An event that’s made to impress, fully organized to meet your expectations? That’s right, because we won’t settle for less!

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