Kinderkopkes: pure, honest and candid television

6 kids, aged 9 to 13, show us how their world spins. Pure and unpolished, without interference or guidance from adults and experts. What you see is what you get. A chance to discover who they really are, a unique impression of what makes these kids tick.

Kristel Verbeke is the sympathetic ear. Listening, informing, leaving room for each child’s individuality. A boy with a passion for football. A girl whose parents just got divorced. A son that helps on the family farm.

Kids like any other. And that’s precisely what makes them special. They’re all strong characters who show us that they’re not merely children, but equal and genuine conversation partners with their very own exceptional stories.

“After years of working with kids,” Kristel says, “I’ve come to realise that they are more than playing rascals. They’re little people with their own opinions, their own voices, in right of participation.”

Sylvester produces the show, which is aired on één. A show about life, busy parents, happiness – and sometimes, plain bad luck.

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